Ever wondered, which styles are guaranteed to always come back?

Here is the ultimate overview of all our reliable all-time favorites.

Discover, which of the most iconic and simply timeless Merz b. Schwanen styles, materials and colors are here for you all the time.

So, enjoy our good & all-time favorites!

MACO-IMIT 67% cotton / 33% viscose
This is the material it all started with: the original henley and T-shirt re-invented in a contemporary way. Three different styles, all in comfortable all natural Maco-Imit.

PRIMA QUALITÄT LEICHT 100% organic cotton kbA
From the 1950’s, over the 1960’s to the 1970’s – three decades, three iconic styles! What’s your favorite T-Shirt in the easygoing Prima Qualität Leicht?

PRIMA QUALITÄT 100% organic cotton kbA
This material has been part of Merz b. Schwanen since the beginning and is still one of our favorites. Classic button-facing or T-Shirt: well-crafted simplicity is what makes this sturdy 2-count fabric feeling good on your skin and looking good, regardless of which style you choose.

BAUMWOLLE 3-FÄDIG 100% organic cotton fleece kbA
The sweatshirt that you can always rely on: our 346 classic crew-neck sweatshirt made of casual 3-thread fleece.

BAUMWOLLE 3-FÄDIG SCHWER 100% organic cotton fleece heavy kbA
This proper sweatshirt is comfortable yet extra sturdy. Unique, heavy 3-thread solid sweatshirt fabric accompanies you a small eternity.

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