All you need is love!

…and this casual 1960’s military T-Shirt…

Cool guys like Sting and The Who knew it best and The Beatles got to the point:
the five infamous words of their 60’s hit song which represent the dynamic and courageous spirit of time and remains true throughout decades.
Words just as timeless as this vintage 1960’s T-Shirt!

Inspired by the original military T-Shirt, this classic always lets you look cool and stands then and now for this brave new attitude of that era.

Army influence along with a more fitted form compliment your muscles while fighting – for infinite freedom, boundlessness and a united world.

Love & Peace always stay real:
Just like your favorite Merz b. Schwanen T-Shirt.

Inspired by an original military T-Shirt from the 60’s, this T-Shirt is for today…

Pure design – yet particularly exciting due to its broad ribbed cuffs on the sleeves related to an original army T-Shirt.

Combining military details with the bold stance and individual fulfillment the 1960’s are known for, this classic T-Shirt comes with a wider round-neck and some extra-length. Its slim fit cut s still casual and goes with every look.

The easygoing 1-count fabric is convenient for every moment. Pure organic-cotton feels comfortable on your skin.

…just look good in it!

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