The holiday season has officially started, and with it come the eccentric “ugly holiday sweaters”!

Well, almost… because you’d rather look good, right?
Let’s cross out the “ugly” and keep the good.

No odd mixing pattern and graphic prints, just focussing on what it’s all about:
a really good and well-made sweater.

Combining merino wool and organic cotton, this sweatshirt assures cozy warmness, while still granting breathability.

With the classic color grey melange and our latest color-addition khaki melange, this one is definitely suitable to become your new favorite basic throughout the holidays and beyond.


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A heavy & solid, slightly irregular surface structure… discover this extra comfortable cotton/wool blend:


  • 70%% organic-cotton and 30% organic merino wool
  • 3-count, sturdy and warm fleece material – in other words: knitwear
  • natural fabric for best feel on your skin
  • solid and still comfortable haptics

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Starting December 1st, all orders placed in our online shop will include a few tools to ensure easy gifting!

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