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Revisit a decade which stands for colorful self-expression, the powerful dream of freedom in all senses and sometimes really eccentric textiles.

Marked by music by legends such as David Bowie and Pink Floyd,
back then, same as today, the vibes of renewal, personal fulfillment and social harmony truly want to be expressed.

The hippie culture exemplified the real longing for individuality,
but no worries – you don’t have to wear psychedelic graphic prints or wild sideburns to get into this magical mood:

This timeless 1970’s V-neck T-Shirt leaves all these stereotypes behind!

The rounded V-neck conveys all these visions. Combined with its easygoing fit it represents the airiness the 70’s era is known for.

A cool shirt was and still is essential to embody yourself:
Effortlessly do it with your favorite Merz b. Schwanen T-Shirt.

This V-Neck is not only for Hippies…

This V-neckline is slightly rounded and deep enough to be perceived as stylish and timeless. Picking up the courage to express yourself, you can face any situation lionhearted in this bold T-Shirt.

In addition, its slim fit depicts the jaunty attitude of the vivid 70’s, but is still casual and goes with every look. Pure organic-cotton feels comfortable on your skin. This easygoing 1-count fabric is convenient for every moment.

…this T-Shirt is for all those who really know how to look good!

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